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Protection Ritual oil

Ward Off Negativity, Unwanted
Energy Or Negative Intentions. For Negativity, Psychic Attacks
& Evil Intentions.

How To Use
Anoint on candles, talismans, ritual tools or on Your altar
Dab on jewelry, amulets, charms or sacred objects
Anoint on vision boards
Add a drop or two into the heal of your shoe
Anoint in the workspace, on business cards or simply on a cotton ball and carry it in your purse or pocket
Anoint your front door or add a few drops to
your floor wash
Anoint where you wish to boost your intentions

1 oz / 30 ml glass vials with glass dropper.

Can be used for Candle spells , in your Bath, or spray in home/business.

Use for any protection related spell.

Please do a patch test on skin to insure no allergic reactions. Discontinue use is any negative reaction occurs.

As per Government requirements FDA (Federal Drug Administration), I am required to state that my ritual spell items are sold as curios only, offered solely for entertainment purposes and are not guaranteed to provide any specific abilities or results

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