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Love Crystal Confetti Magic Spell Jar


This jar is not just for romantic relationships. Use it to find self love as well.

This spell jar will be infused with love intentions and you may add your own intentions to your jar. Just follow the directions below to work your magick!

Each jar comes with herbs and crystals fixed to match the purpose of your intention and a candle that you put inside along with the paper of your written intent.


THINK & WRITE your intention on a small piece of paper.

Sit down and FEEL it as you write it.

Roll up paper and add to the jar along with candle.

BURN the candle in one shot or within 7 days until the fire from the candle melts down and burns the top layer of the herbs.

SEAL the jar and bury it, keep it with you, tuck it away, etc.

Sit back and enjoy the magick coming your way!

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