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Fertility Candle with Moonstone with BONUS Wax Melt Candle Spell/ Ritual/Manifestation Aid/Crystal Candle


Fertility crystal infused 5 oz candle with BONUS free moon wax melt included- choice will be made by me.

Update: candles will temporarily be done in 6 oz jar with lid!

100% soy wax candles
PLEASE NOTE SIZE: Candle is 5oz
NOTE: our candles include essential oils that produce a light airy scent.

They are charged with intention of FERTILITY. Manifest your intentions on your journey towards getting pregnant.

Purple -Children are drawn to the color purple.
Jasmine Oil- symbolize sexuality, spirituality, and passion.
Moonstone- symbolize Feminine Energy, Fertility, and Calmness. This crystal gives passion, and awakens your feminine energies. It can heal and guide you on your right path.
Lotus Flowers- symbolize purity and rebirth. Lotus flowers are often used in relaxation and meditation.

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