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GIANT Altar Starter Kit

This is a beginners supply box to be used as a tool on your journey to learning the craft.

If you are a baby witch, or experience, this witch box is a wonderful addition to anyones altar! This is a one of a kind witch starter kit held in a beautiful hand stained vintage looking box, filled with tons of witchy supplies!

It includes the following:

20 Jars filled with helpful starter herbs labeled
3 Protection tealights
3 Abundance tealights
Jar Protection mix
3 empty tins for spells
One scoop of Halloween Crystal Confetti
Purple Chime Candle
Green chime candle
Black Chime candle
Red chime candle
4 Witches Burrs
Full size Attraction Ritual Oil
Vintage looking spoon
Spell scroll
Sample Spells/Rituals to get you started

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