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Intention Cleansing Candle Clear Quartz/Clearing/Home Cleansing BONUS Wax Melt candle Ritual/Purifying Aid/Crystal Candle/Soy/cleansing scented


Purification candle with bonus moon melt!  

100% soy wax candles
PLEASE NOTE SIZE: Candle is 5oz

Update: candles will temporarily be done in  jar with lid!

They are charged with intention of CLEANSING.

White - Purity
Scent - Lavender-promotes calmness and peace.
Clear Quartz - helps against negative energy and cleanses area.
Palo Santo - brings in positive energy into your space.
Sage- a smudging source for your your home or office, or even yourself.

The crystal was charged with the moonlight.
After the candle burns, the crystal can be cleaned of wax residue, so you can continue to benefit from its properties.

Our candles are 100% handmade, so each of them may be slightly different and no two crystals are alike.

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